Why is brand consistency key?

Be Creative. Consistent. Engaging with branding

Its quite an obvious one but you would be surprised by how many companies I have found who don’t think enough about this, and for example their business card looks totally different from their website and their branding is not carried through - that is very confusing and doesn’t give off the right message.

Just think about the big brands such as Coca Cola, Google and Apple, they wouldn't be where they were today without clever and consistent branding.

From your stationery, to your website, across social media networks, with all of the different ways to market yourself online that are available now, it is more important than ever to establish Brand Guidelines.

Your guidelines should be simple rules about how your brand should appear. Your document should include colours refs, font details as well as details on spacing.

Logos and branding are usually the starting point of company literature, so it’s so important to get it right from the off. Remember your brand is what helps your customers recognise and trust your business!

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